About me

Hello and welcome to the Little Ink website


My name is Steven Dobson aka Little Ink, I am a creative skilled artist/illustrator.


I have had a love and flair for drawing and art since I was a child, but my interest in tattoos really began to develop by my early teens. My father had a close friend who was a tattoo artist, and I spent a lot of time in his company; he encouraged my interest in tattoos and through his teachings, showed me how to enhance my already natural drawing abilities. I have studied hard and gained an HND and a Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.


Having completed my degree I started working for a company designing shop logos and stationary, but within a couple of years I became disillusioned and realised this was not how I wanted to utilise the skills and experience I had worked so hard to achieve. I changed direction completely and went to work in the construction industry for a period of time with my father.  However, in early 2012 I realised my earlier passion and interest in tattoos was still there and I decided to pursue my dream to become a certified tattoo artist in my own right.


Having now completed all the necessary training and gained my qualification as a licenced tattoo artist, my ambition is to run my own successful tattoo business. I have created a studio in my home which is private, sterile, functional and comfortable; and which has been inspected and approved by the local authority.


My aim is to develop a relationship with my clients built on trust and mutual respect, to create a working atmosphere which will encourage the client to feel they are able to discuss any ideas or concerns they may have pertaining to their desired tattoo.


I have invested a great deal of time and energy into bringing my dream to reality and I am extremely focused on developing a high profile business, recognised for the quality of the artwork that I create. I am aware that the tattoo industry is very competitive but I am confident that clients who are serious about their body art will appreciate that I am an experienced and professional tattoo artist who offers high quality and unique work.


My commitment is to maintain and continually update my skills and knowledge with new trends and technology within the tattoo industry, through ongoing training and attending conventions and seminars.


As my reputation and clientele have grown, I have been really keen to be able to give something back to the community that have supported me. To this end, I am pleased to be a sponsor to my local village youth football team.


Sessions are by arrangement only.


Please call 07969 488455 or email littleink@hotmail.co.uk to discuss further or to book an appointment.